Getting the most out of the under par program

Follow the guide below to be sure you are getting the most out of the Under Par app and coaching structure so that you can reach your golfing goals.

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The App Basics

Daily Mindset: Shown in the top of the "Today" screen when you initially launch the app.

Daily Practice and Fitness Plan: Available on the "Today" screen or through the "Coaching" tab. Record your results and comments to get feedback from your coach.

Resources from Under Par: Review our latest articles on mindset, strategy, full swing, short game and putting through the "Coaching" tab.

On-Demand Sessions: Looking to put in overtime work or want to get an emergency session done inside? Check out the sessions available in the "On-Demand" tab.

Play: Record a round and send the details to your coach for feedback using the "Play a Round" option available on the "On-Demand" tab.

Message Coach: Utilize the "Inbox" to send and receive messages as needed with your coach.

Tasks: Your coach will likely assign you tasks from time to time like the initial player survey or general update requests. These will show up on the "Today" form when they need to be completed.

Personal Goals: Review and modify your personal goals through the "You" tab along with any other personal information.

Complete Practice Sessions

Mark individual practice sessions and challenges as complete.

Add your results and corresponding comments for future use. Your coach will see these notes and be able to respond directly as needed with any feedback or thoughts needed.

Reschedule your practice sessions through using the reschedule button on the training page.

Under Par Daily Training in a Mobile App to Help You Practice and reach your goals!
Complete Fitness Activities

Complete daily fitness plan activities and log results for your coach to review your performance.

Track your personal bests so you can continue to chase better on a daily basis!

Record your Rounds for Input from Coach

Utilize the "Play a Round" option in the "On-Demand" tab to record a round.

Send your coach the stats from the round (e.g., fairways, GIRs, putts, up and downs, etc.) or send a screenshot from a stat tracking app your utilize.

Treat this like a journal. The more detail the better as it will give your coach the opportunity to provide feedback on where you need to improve plus playing strategy and mental strategy tips.

Coach Feedback
Get feedback from your coach

Your coach may comment on results and provide feedback as necessary. This is particularly important when your practice and play!

Share photos and videos to get the most out of your experience working with the Under Par coaching staff.

When your coach responds you will get a notification via the app with the alert in the top right hand corner so you can review and respond if needed!

Golf practice comments from player for coach to comment on
On-Demand Coaching
Message your Coach

Utilize the "Inbox" option at the bottom of the app to communicate directly with your coach.

Keep your coach up to date on anything that comes up in your golf world - mindset questions, swing thoughts, practice challenges or equipment changes.

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