78% of players lower their handicap within 2 months of starting with Under Par

Players have had so much success with our approach that we are fielding many requests for learning the art of the club twirl.

our players are Tenacious dreamers

The Under Par team is made up of players who roll up their sleeves and get to work. These players are achieving breakthrough results thanks to their breakthrough efforts.

If you are a tenacious dreamer who is willing to put in the work, we want to help you relentlessly focus on achieving your goals on and off the golf course.

This is not a performance program for players looking for the quick cure to their slice. It is for a player with big dreams and the tenacity to chase them.

All Skill Levels.
All Golfer Types.

The Under Par team is made up of hard working golfers from all over the globe. From pros to junior golfers, if you have a work ethic and big golf goals you will fit in great within the Under Par community.

Player Testimonials

Read about the success of players on the Under Par team. We want your story below!

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VIDEO: New career low in just 6-weeks

"I've been doing the Under Par training for about 6 weeks and I shot my lowest score last week. I shot a 77 - first time I have broken 80."

-John M. (9 handicap)

"The cup looks like a basketball hoop"

"After working through the Under Par programming for a few months the cup looks like a basketball hoop! My confidence has never been better on the course and I continue to lower my handicap."

Jose E. (14 handicap)

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Video: Ian Dropped Handicap from 20 to 13 in Just 3-Months

"The practice is fun, it changes every few weeks and I am seeing the results on the course."

-Ian N (13 handicap)

"4 new career lows in the first 3 months"

"I have shot 4 new career lows in the first 3 months of working with the Under Par programming. More importantly, I am enjoying practicing and playing again."

Paul F. (18 handicap)

What other players are saying

The Under Par programming has helped me enjoy practicing again. The structure combined with the accountability has helped me improve all areas of the game and build confidence ahead of my amateur tournament schedule.

Michael R. (+1 handicap)

Since joining my handicap has reduced by two shots and I am getting so much out of the practice sessions. They are challenging, motivating and through regular communication with Coach Scott are tailored to me and the areas I need to improve. I feel so confident on the course and really look forward to every practice session.

Darren L. (6 handicap)

My coach has helped me with all aspects of my game. He has answered all my questions about the fundamentals and given me some specific sessions to help improve the weaker areas of my game.

Paul D. (21 handicap)

Within 3 weeks of starting the break 80 program, I shot a career low 77 and have not looked back since. The practice sessions have been fun and educational. My coach has held me accountable for getting out to the course. Look forward to reaching my new goals.

Curtis D. (6 handicap)

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