Stop Watching YouTube Videos to Fix your Swing

We hate to break it to you - but you probably are not going to fix that slice in just 10 minutes like the last YouTube video promised.

Stop looking for the quick, gimmicky fix.

Start working with a swing coach and putting in the work that it will take to take your swing and your golf game to the next level.

Our Coaching Philosophy

Not Everyone Will Swing Like Tiger...

Video technology has led golfers to try to mimic the swings of great players - Tiger Wood, Adam Scott, Rory McIlory.

However, if you were to put the swing of each of these players next to each other you would notice some significant differences.

Everyone's body type is very different. Tiger is 6' 1" and 185 lbs. Rory is 5' 9" and 161 lbs. While they both hit absolute bombs, their swings are very different.

Accept that your swing will be unique too.

...So Embrace the Unorthodox in Your Swing

Jim Fyurk, Jordan Spieth, and Bryson Dechambeau have all collected majors on the PGA Tour.

They all also have unorthodox golf swings.

Your coach at Under Par will evaluate your swing to determine the best approach to ensure consistent play, sometimes that means continuing with your unorthodox move!

The goal of golf is to get the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes possible - not to have your buddies marvel at your golf swing.

Continuous Input is the Key to Improvement

Most players see their swing coach only when they are struggling.

Pros connect with their swing coach multiple times per week.

We believe frequent check ins with your coach is critical to building your swing and your golf game. Connect with your coach after each round and practice session to review your progress to get the best results.

The "Go Low Guarantee"

Trim at least 2 shots off your handicap in 6 months with a personalized coaching plan - guaranteed! 

(But we expect you to be even better...)

Full Swing Blog

To improve your golf game, it's essential to understand the significance of ball position in your swing. Correct positioning can make a significant difference in your shots' quality, affecting both distance and accuracy.

This blog post outlines where the ball should be positioned for each club, strategies for ensuring correct placement, and recommended drills to perfect this essential skill. By mastering ball position, you can elevate your game and see improvements in your overall shot-making ability.

Launch monitors have become a critical tool in helping analyze a players game and establish an improvement plan. 

Here is an overview of the data points generated by launch monitors to help you understand how to utilize them to improve your game! 

Flighted wedges are not only sexy but they can help you hit more greens and shoot lower scores.

Follow our simple 5 step process to learn how to hit saucy wedges that knock down the flag stick.

Short Game Blog

Check out this 62 minute short game practice session to learn how to improve your golf skills and then complete a golf challenge to ratchet up the pressure to see how you preform. A combination of golf drills, golf challenges and golf practice can help you improve your swing and lower your golf scores.

Short game drills are a key element of improving your golf game. (Even the pros do them!) 

Learn how to play better golf and build confidence through these golf practice tips. Geek out by watching the pros share their best golf tips as well.

Putting Blog

Will Zalatoris's putting stroke has the internet buzzing about how hard it is to watch. But how bad is it really? The stats tell a very interesting story.

Check out this putting practice session to help you gain confidence on the putting green and make more putts the next time you play golf. One of the best golf tips -  improving your golf game starts with learning how to practice golf. Effective practice sessions with golf drills and golf challenges can help you play better golf.

Trying to build confidence in your putting stroke? Try out this practice session to dial in your putter next time you hit the putting green.

These simple golf practice drills can help you improve your golf technique and help you play better golf. The best golf tip we can give is hard work pays off. 

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