Unlock golf performance. For players and coaches.
Give Players a Modern Platform to Improve Their Game

All golfers are starving for improvement. While the pros have a specific playbook they use and a roster of coaches to compete at the top of the game, the majority of players just make up their improvement approach on the fly.

We want to change that.

We want to give players a platform to work towards their golfing goals and access to the resources that they need to help them get better on a day-to-day basis. 

We want to get players connected on a regular basis with a coach who can help them with all aspects of their game - from their swing to their mindset. 

We want to make golf more accessible for all players regardless of your location and access to golfing facilities.

Empower the Next Generation of Golf Professionals

Golf professionals are flocking to other industries despite the rapid growth of the game of golf. 

Why? The golf pro job just is not attractive any more. You end up spending more time guarding Titleists in the shop than doing what got you into the business in the first place - coaching. 

Our goal is to help golf professionals:

✔ Make a positive impact at their club by focusing on coaching golfers

✔ Develop a recurring coaching revenue stream that goes directly to the pocket of the professional staff

✔ Maintain a better work-life balance (Weekends off? How about working from home?)

Our mission at Under Par is to unlock golf performance. For both players and coaches.

I have been passionate about golf since birth.

As a kid I spent hours trying to forge myself into the best player I could become. I digested everything there was on golf at the time - from books and magazines to taking up all the DVR space with Golf Channel content.

I spent hours on the range and course trying to build my own game. I broke two windows in the span of a week at our family's house practicing, the true mark of a serious, up-and-coming golfer.

With limited access to coaching I had to learn through trial and error. There were lots of ups and down. Wins and losses. But a lot of joy in the process of getting better.

Now, I want to deliver the coaching platform I have always sought to help you. So you can learn under the guidance of a coach. And avoid some frustrations that plagued my journey as a golfer.

We want to build a product that can transform all elements of your game: your swing, your mindset, your strategy and your your practice routine. We want to help you enjoy the process of getting better and enable you to create more audacious goals for your own golf game.

We also want to build a product that can transform the life of golf professionals. Rather than being stuck in the pro shop managing inventory, we want them to become more connected and actively involved in their players' game. By unlocking their coaching potential, we hope to unlock their players' potential.

Golf has brought me a lot of joy. My hope is that we can spread that joy and passion to players and coaches across the world in the future as they unlock their own golf performance.

Scott Deakins (Founder and CEO)