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To improve your golf game, it's essential to understand the significance of ball position in your swing. Correct positioning can make a significant difference in your shots' quality, affecting both distance and accuracy.

This blog post outlines where the ball should be positioned for each club, strategies for ensuring correct placement, and recommended drills to perfect this essential skill. By mastering ball position, you can elevate your game and see improvements in your overall shot-making ability.

Launch monitors have become a critical tool in helping analyze a players game and establish an improvement plan. 

Here is an overview of the data points generated by launch monitors to help you understand how to utilize them to improve your game! 

Flighted wedges are not only sexy but they can help you hit more greens and shoot lower scores.

Follow our simple 5 step process to learn how to hit saucy wedges that knock down the flag stick.

Learning how to hit a fairway finder is a key to helping you close out a career best round, win a big tournament or just get past a hole that has given you trouble lately. 

Try this 3 step process to build your fairway finder. 

Golfers, have you ever watched a pro on TV and noticed their pre-shot routine involves a little waggle of the club? Is this just a habit, or is there some science behind the waggle?

In this blog post, we'll dive into the research on the effectiveness of the pre-shot golf club waggle and help you decide if it's worth incorporating into your own routine.

Let’s face it, changing your golf swing is terrifying. 

Sometimes it feels like Russian Roulette and feels like you’re only one bad swing away from regressing drastically. But when a swing change works, there isn’t much of a better feeling in the world.

Let's learn how and when to make a swing change so you still enjoy the game in the meantime! 

Dial in your wedges so you save strokes from close range. There isn’t much more frustrating than bombing a drive, only to flub a wedge and try to save par instead of putting for birdie.

These tips will help your wedge distance control like never before. 

The pros utilize a yardage guide to enhance their decision making process and then throw darts for their approach shots.

Get a template to create your own yardage guide, learn how to build out the data and then utilize this on the course to shoot lower scores.

Hitting bombs off the tee will certainly turn the heads of your playing partners (and perhaps the group in front of you).

Harnessed correctly, hitting bombs can also help lower your scores.

So what can you do to learn the art of hitting absolute bombs. Try these five tips.

Great wedge play gives you the ability and confidence to attack flags. Check out this practice session to help give yourself more birdie opportunities.

Learning how to practice golf better can lead to better scores faster than you might think. Start here to get yourself on the track to lower scores.

Try this practice challenge and see how your golf swing performs under pressure on the driving range. Learn how to practice golf in a more effective manner to help you lower your golf scores.

Learn how to improve your golf swing through this practice session focused on dialing in your club head control. One of the best practice tips we have learned from our experience is that making practice sessions fun and different can help you improve your golf game. We will help you play better golf by hitting stingers the next time you are on the range!

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