Golf Specific Workout Plan

Strength and conditioning golf exercise program designed to help you level up your golf game during both the golf season and the offseason.
Golf fitness program
What strength and conditioning will do for your golf game

20 years ago the phrase "golf fitness" was an oxymoron!

Today, players are stronger and fitter than ever. This movement was started by Tiger Woods and is now embodied in the power generated by the top players in the world - just watch Rory McIlroy and Bryson DeChambeau on any given weekend.

The top players on the PGA, LPGA and other major tours all have training coaches that develop golf specific workout plans to help them:

✔ Unlock power in their golf swing

✔ Improve their accuracy and consistency

✔ Build aerobic conditioning to compete at the highest levels

The golf swing is a complex movement that involves just about every muscle in your body.

Unlock your best game by putting in the work in the gym in addition to the work you do at the practice facility and at the course.

How it works
The Under Par coaching platform

The Under Par strength and conditioning routine provides a weekly workout routine to help you level up your golf game:

Work: 4-6 days per week and approximately 30-75 minutes of sweating that can be rearranged based on your personal life.

Track: View your weekly plan via our coaching platform and track your results weekly so you can see your progress in real-time (forget those old school PDFs!)

Connect: Your coach will have real-time access to your results and be able to provide answers to questions and concerns as they arise during your training.

Strength Focus
Muscle Groups We Focus on in Training

The strength portion of our workouts focus on optimizing your body for peak golf performance:

Back muscles that enable players to maintain proper spin tilt throughout the swing

Upper leg muscles that unlock speed and power in the golf swing

Small muscles of hips and shoulder to promote a big, strong shoulder turn

We also hope to make you look intimidating to your golf opponents on the first tee!

A performance plan for all areas of your golf game

Our goal at Under Par is to provide you with the same access to coaching that the pros get. We want to help you improve each aspect of your golf game from your practice routine to your gym sessions to help you shoot consistently lower golf scores.

Daily golf fitness program to increase power and consistency

Weekly Fitness Plan

Stop making up your fitness plan as you go. Access a golf specific fitness plan and start utilizing your workout time more effectively to make the gains you need in the gym to go low on the course.

Track Your Strength Gains

Start working off percentages when doing strength work to get those gains you have been seeking. Focus on specific strength exercises during monthly workout cycles.

Fitness Challenges and Benchmarks

Complete fitness challenges and benchmarks so that you can track you progress over time and push yourself to be better daily.

Warm Up and Stretching Routines

Warm up ahead of each workout with guided stretching and mobility work to activate your muscles for fitness. And, equally as important, stay flexible for your golf swing.

Golf Specific Strength Accessory Work

Complete golf specific accessory strength work to unlock additional power. Get ready to be sore in some unique places as you strengthen muscles you did not even know you need in the golf swing.

Exercise Video Guide

Easily access demo videos for exercise and stretching movements to ensure you are doing them properly on your own.

No better time to start than now

Get started on your journey to better golf.