Practice smarter. Lower Your scores.

Tiger Woods has a practice facility in his backyard. Tiger is so obsessed with practice he installed a hitting area off his bedroom balcony. 

Ben Hogan is regarded as the best ball striker of all time. Ben is also regarded as the hardest practicer in history, routinely going to the range until dark even after wins. 

Sure, you may not have the same goals as Tiger or Hogan. You may not have the same time.

But you know you can get better by practicing more effectively. 

And we are here to help. Let our team build you an effective plan to match your goals and time availability. 

Practice with a plan. Get feedback from your coach.

Golf practice plan example on mobile
Performance Practice Plan

Get a practice plan from your coach based on your availability. No matter if you have 1 day a week or 7 days a week, we got a plan that will work for you.

Sample golf practice session
Make Practice Fun Again

Stop machine gun firing balls on the range. Complete fun drills to reinforce fundamentals and work through challenges to stay competitive with yourself and friends.

Golf practice comments from player for coach to comment on
Practice Session Results

Record the results from drills and challenges for your coach to review. Add comments and upload videos as needed to show your coach your progress.

Get golf practice tips from the pros to see what will work the course for your golf game
Learn Tips from Pros

The pros have many tools that they utilize to help shoot outrageously low scores. Explore on-demand sessions and see if these would be good additions to your arsenal.

Complete golf practice drills using videos from the Under Par coaches
Video Drills

Get videos to explain drills and challenges to ensure you understand the goals of each session.

Example of golf practice sessions that can be done at home
Home and Indoor Practice

Stuck inside and looking to level up your golf game? Trying to get better at golf while on a conference call? Continue your grind at home with our indoor and at home on-demand practice sessions.

Sample practice plans

Check out a few of our weekly golf practice plans to see if our structured approach is right for your game!

✔ Practice challenges

✔ Fundamentals drills

✔ Balanced approach for all areas of the game

✔ Pro-tips to help you implement new tools

Get the Most Out of a Practice Plan Tailored to Your Goals

If you do not have a coach-directed practice plan with a specific goal in mind, you are just guessing. Why take a trial-and-error approach when you can follow a results-driven practice plan designed by a coach?

We build our practice plans based on the strengths and weaknesses in a player's game. We evaluate these these based on previous playing stats. However, there are some key areas of emphasis for players based on what your next major golf scoring milestone is...

Break Par

✔ Dial in yardages particularly with wedges and irons

✔ Be able to shape the ball in both directions on demand

✔ Learn how to effectively read greens to make more putts

✔Attack when given a green light situation

✔ Make lots of birdies

Break 80

✔ Improve accuracy off the tee

✔ Build playing strategy to go for the optimal pins during round

✔ Improve up and down percentages

✔ Build confidence from inside 5 feet

✔ Focus on making bogey at worse when you get in trouble

Break 90

✔ Develop a go-to shot

✔ Eliminate big numbers particularly around the green (e.g., eliminate the bunker skull) 

✔ Improve lag putting, particularly speed control 

✔ Build a playing strategy to minimize penalty shots 

Break 100

✔ Improve consistency off the tee

✔ Minimize “duffs” with the irons

✔ Figure out how to get the ball down in 3 when you are off the green

✔ Focus on strategy to try to play bogey golf (accepting that you aren’t going to hit a Tiger Woods-eque low cut around that tree in front of you)

The "Go Low Guarantee"

Trim at least 2 shots off your handicap in 6 months with one of our personalized coaching plans - guaranteed! 

(But we expect you to be even better...)

The Practice Blog

We all spend far too much time practicing golf in ideal conditions. Next time you head out to practice, spice up your session by practicing shots from some of those bad lies you are inevitably going to see out on the course.

Here are five tips for building a practice routine that translates to the course.

Stop the ugly cycle of great practice sessions followed by lousy rounds. 

You need to learn how to focus during your golf practice sessions to order to help you achieve your golf goals. Check out these simple tips from a scratch golfer on how to dial in your focus for your next practice session.

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