Golf Practice Notes

We all spend far too much time practicing golf in ideal conditions. Next time you head out to practice, spice up your session by practicing shots from some of those bad lies you are inevitably going to see out on the course.

Here are five tips for building a practice routine that translates to the course.

Stop the ugly cycle of great practice sessions followed by lousy rounds. 

You need to learn how to focus during your golf practice sessions to order to help you achieve your golf goals. Check out these simple tips from a scratch golfer on how to dial in your focus for your next practice session.

Did you know that a putter has a sweet spot? And hitting it is nearly as important as hitting the sweet spot on an iron or driver? 

Let's find that sweet spot during this session and work on our speed control for lag putting.

Let's play around with picking and hitting a landing zone during this practice to see how it works for you.

Even if you are not a landing spot player, this is a good practice session to do from time-to-time. At worst, it will help you control your trajectory and distance with your pitching work.

There are a few consistent things in this world – gravity, Tiger Woods on Sunday, and Mother Nature impacting your golf game.

What can you do to continue to focus on your golf training when Mother Nature prevents you from doing it outside?

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