Full Swing Guide from Under Par Performance Golf

Learning how to hit a fairway finder is a key to helping you close out a career best round, win a big tournament or just get past a hole that has given you trouble lately. 

Try this 3 step process to build your fairway finder. 

Hitting bombs off the tee will certainly turn the heads of your playing partners (and perhaps the group in front of you).

Harnessed correctly, hitting bombs can also help lower your scores.

So what can you do to learn the art of hitting absolute bombs. Try these five tips.

Learn how to improve your golf swing through this practice session focused on dialing in your club head control. One of the best practice tips we have learned from our experience is that making practice sessions fun and different can help you improve your golf game. We will help you play better golf by hitting stingers the next time you are on the range!

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