Improving Your Wedge Play to Lower Your Golf Scores

Cam Smith Working on His Golf Wedge Game

Great wedge play gives you the ability and confidence to attack flags. It hopefully propels you to more birdies and, equally as important, enables you to save par to keep your round on track.

Try this golf practice session to help you post more red figures.

Go Low [81 minutes]


"No virtue in this world is so oft rewarded as perseverance." -Unknown

Whether it is in golf or life, we are going to hit speed bumps. Are you going to persevere to overcome? How do you get in the right mindset to do this?

Quick Wedge Warm Up [5 minutes]

Today's workout involves a lot of wedge work. To get loose complete the following:

  • 5 80% sand wedges
  • 5 full sand wedges

10x10 Approach Play [60 minutes]

The vast majority of your shots on the golf course will be from 120 yards and in. Thus, we should spend more of our time dialing these shots in during our practice routine.

Hit 10 shots from each of the following distances in yards:


Pick a target in the range and focus on trying to carry it a very specific distance. If your practice area does not have great targets, utilize an alignment stick or tennis ball to indicate the 10 yard increment.

Note the clubs you used for each distance in the comments section for the next time we complete this drill.

10 Drivers [6 minutes]

Let's finish on the range with some fun driver work after dialing in the wedges. Create a 20 yard fairway out in the landing area for your driver. How many of the 10 drivers can you hit in the fairway to give yourself the wedge opportunities we just practiced.

Circle Drill [10 minutes]

We will wrap up today's workout on the putting green so you can bury all your close putts after dialing in your wedges.

Place 3 balls in a line at 2', 3' and 4' away from the hole. Repeat this pattern at 45 degree increments.

How many of the 24 putts can you make?

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