Practice Tip: Practice from Bad Lies

Practice Tip: Practice from Bad Lies
We all spend the vast majority of our time practicing golf from ideal lies:
From the fairway on the range,
from a perfectly raked practice bunker,
from a fluffed up lie around the chipping green.
We do not spend nearly enough time practicing from the lies we are often going to see on the golf course:
From the matted down lie in the rough,
from a footprint in the bunker,
from hardpan around the chipping green.
Next time you are practicing golf, make a conscious effort to practice out of bad lies.
Some of our personal favorites to practice:
  1. From a divot in fairway.
  2. Plugged lie in the bunker.
  3. Against the collar of the rough around the green.
  4. Ball below your feet in the rough.
  5. Downslope of the bunker.
When you inevitably get them during your next round you will be ready for them.
Not to mention they are remarkably fun to practice as well.

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