You Are Wasting Your Time Practicing

You Are Wasting Your Time Practicing

You are wasting your time practice at the range…

Firing golf balls like Stallone in Rambo. 

Trying to knock the cover off the ball with your driver. 

Aimlessly hitting 7 irons with a straight divot pattern.

You probably feel somewhat confident heading to the first tee after your recent practice sessions but quickly find your game just does not hold up on the course. 

Those crispy divots from the range are nowhere to be found on the course. 

You are not shooting the scores you expect. 

Yet every week you head back to the range and course repeating this same process.

How did Einstein define insanity? 

It’s time for something to change. It’s time for you to have a plan for your golf practice routine. 

Here are some 5 quick tips for putting together your personal practice routine:

1. Schedule your practice in weekly blocks so you can make sure you cover all aspects of the game.

2. Do not play whack-a-mole working on just your weaknesses from the last round. Spend time continuing to build on your strengths as well.

3.  Build ample time into your practice schedule to complete a reasonable pre-shot routine before shots. On the range, vary the club your are hitting frequently and even put the club back in the bag before each shot to simulate what happens during a real round. 

4. Vary your aiming points throughout your practice session. Alignment is a vital part of the game. Do not cheat by using divot patterns on the range as your alignment guide. Last we checked, this divot pattern won’t exist on the course. 

5. Consistency > Intensity. Being consistent about your practice sessions is more important than the intensity of them. Hitting 10 drivers 10 days per month is more effective than hitting 100 drivers in one practice session. 

If you want more tips on building a practice routine that translates to the course, join our team of players and get a personal coach to guide you on your journey to better golf. 

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